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It's still an obsession.

The Creative Works of "Jane"
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KereLenore's 'members only' community for all of her art, writing, photography, and fanfiction.

Welcome to venusDREAMERS
Welcome to the community for truthabout_jane's creative works. Here you will find Jane's fan-fiction, icons, photography, and sometimes more! This community is MEMBERS ONLY. This means simply watching it will do nothing for you. membership is also moderated, but I tend to accept most join requests with a comment left in the public post.

Users I'm likely to deny membership to users that fall into the following categories:
+Those with a known history of trolling and/or flaming.
+If you failed to leave a comment in the public post.
+Users with empty journals, blank profiles, or suspiciously "new" accounts.
+Profiles and/or journals that have racial, anti semitic, or homophobic ideas and themes.

Fandoms that I follow are:
+The L Word
+House, MD
+Three Rivers
+Dead Like Me

Pairings I favor:
+Shane/Molly - The L Word
+Bette/Tina - The L Word
+House/Cameron - House, MD
+Cameron/Thirteen - House, MD
+Cameron/Miranda Foster - Three Rivers/House, MD crossover*

Some material in this community may be rated NC17. Consider yourself warned.

A little about Jane: 25 year old lesbian. I play roller derby, find snark attractive, and have a lot of tattoos. I don't necessarily come off as your typical TV geek. You'll find I go through phases of posting here; it really depends on the roller derby season and how busy I am with skating. You won't find any of that Twilight or Harry Potter shit here; I'm not an eleventeen-year-old. If you ask me for my opinion, expect to get it; be prepared for the answer. If you're worried about getting your feelings hurt, ask someone else since I'm too honest for my own good.

*= I don't typically do crossovers. I probably won't read your crossover since most of them are too far AU for my tastes. There was just something tangible and realistic about the idea of Cameron/Miranda to me with the canon events of these two shows.


Miranda Foster

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